About us

I wondered about having the Griffons at the end of 2010, at that time we had a four-year Ussurbey Mastiff and I needed something smaller for cuddling. We live in a house with my daughter, who has one black and one white Pug, but they want to cuddle with nobody but her owner. So I fell in love with the black Belgian Griffon and began to look for female. In spring 2011, I managed to get one whole black and I could not wait until we have her at home. Within the kennel, the pack of Griffons welcomed us, it was like a competing in who will stroke or scratch who more times. We arrived home late in the evening and so introducing the puppy to the Mastiff was outside and very loud, because the puppy screamed with all its strength as it had never seen anythong four-legged so large before. My fears about their relationship have not materialized, the Griffons love the Mastiff, care for her, and she repays them that their patience.


Our puppy Dášeňka Devilkins (we renamed it to Janis) completely changed my life and surpassed all expectations. I must say that I live with dogs all my life, but I regret not knowing this breed before. It is said, that they are intelligent, fearless scamps, good watchmen, they love people and do not have problems with other animals. This is all true, and, moreover, as one of our friends stated regarding his own Brabancon, they get into your head and they would not come out, which is an accurate description of coexistence with the Griffons. The Griffon does what your eyes ask for, it is very sensitive and clever dog, he loves his master and follows him at each and every step. It does whatever its master does, loves walks, when older it can handle a decent hike, but does not protest against liying on the sofa next to its master, warming up his back.


It is said that anyone who buys a Griffon, will not stop at one. For me, it’s true. In 2013 I bought ZIKI Black Onyx, a Brussels Griffon female. I do not want more of them, because I have only two hands and wnat to split my attention to both of the dogs evenly and fairly. This little dog with a big heart will give us so much love, perhaps more than we deserve. When we first acquired Griffon, we did not think of participating in competitions, but by the time we visited first exhibition we enlisted Janis into next following dog show immediately. Belgian judge was very pleased. She presented herself as an experienced dog show participant, which filled me with enthusiasm and the dog exhibitions have become my hobby.

The kennel Janis on the Melon was founded in 2014.